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Dr. Crespin

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Dr. Crespin performs many of his procedures at one of the largest Gastroenterology hospitals in the United States – Upper Westside GI Center. The ASGE Endoscopy Unit Recognition Program promotes quality in endoscopy by encouraging endoscopy offices, centers and units to adhere to ASGE guidelines on privileging, quality assurance, endoscopy reprocessing, and CDC infection control guidelines. This recognition acknowledges that the endoscopy unit is dedicated to delivering high-quality endoscopic care and has received specialized training around these principles. Since 2008, ASGE has recognized units in all settings where endoscopy is practiced in the United States, as part of its programs dedicated to promoting quality in endoscopy. The Certificate of Recognition award is granted for a three-year renewable period.

Click here for a current list of honorees by state: List of Endoscopy Unit Recognition Recipients

Dr. Jeffrey Crespin, MD

Dr. Crespin has been a practicing gastroenterologist in Manhattan for over ten years. Dr Crespin is a board certified gastroenterologist, who strives to provide the highest quality medical care and services in a compassionate, professional and personalized manner.

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