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About Doctor Crespin’s endoscopy outpatient procedures

About Doctor Crespin’s endoscopy outpatient procedures


Outpatient services are something that patients count on to be safe and easy. That’s why it’s so important for patients to choose carefully where they go to get an Upper Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, Flexible Sigmoidoscopy or HET System (Hemorrhoid Treatment). Outpatient services are medical procedures or tests that can be performed without requiring patients to stay overnight. Most of these procedures are done in only a couple of hours, and patients typically walk out the door to continue their day.

What are the benefits of choosing endoscopy outpatient procedures?

Benefits include the ability to quickly leave following your procedure while ensuring you have a minimally invasive experience.

Staff members and doctors who specialize in the procedures you need means that you are dealing with the most advanced medical facility in New York City. Our patients choose Westside GI instead of a hospital because the procedure has been streamlined in a way that can be safe and easy. When choosing an outpatient center, here are a few reasons why our patients choose Westside GI Center’s outpatient procedures:

– We take most types of health insurance.
– We provide instructions leading up to and following the procedure.
– We offer a clean, organized and private environment.
– Our staff is experienced and top-notch.
– We have multiple doctors on site.

Westside GI prides itself on being the leader in providing quality outpatient GI procedures in New York City. In addition to handling most major insurance claims, our office will work with individuals to reduce costs and receive the best care possible.

Meet one of our Doctors

Dr. Jeffrey S. Crespin is typical of our doctors who deliver Westside GI Center’s outpatient procedures. Practicing gastroenterologist in Manhattan for more than 15 years, Dr Crespin is a board certified gastroenterologist provides the highest quality medical care and services in a compassionate, professional and personalized manner.

Dr. Crespin attended Harvard University and has experience leading Clinical Medicine studies at Columbia University in addition to practicing endoscopic procedures. He’s affiliated with NYU Lenox Hill Hospital, located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan , St.Lukes-Roosevelt and Beth Israel Hospitals. His expertise is the evaluation and testing of the intestinal tract for optimal diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of gastrointestinal diseases.

Dr. Crespin is expertly trained in endoscopic procedures, which allow direct visualization of the intestinal tract for optimal diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of gastrointestinal diseases.

Upper EndoscopyUpper Endoscopy

Upper endoscopy enables the physician to look inside the esophagus, stomach, and duodenum (first part of the small intestine). Upper endoscopy is also called EGD, which stands for esophagogastroduodenoscopy (eh-SAH-fuh-goh-GAS-troh-doo-AH-duh-NAH-skuh-pee). Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (also spelled oesophagogastroduodenoscopy) or panendoscopy is a diagnostic endoscopic procedure that visualizes the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract up to the duodenum. It is considered a minimally invasive procedure since it does not require an incision into one of the major body cavities and does not require any significant recovery after the procedure (unless sedation or anesthesia has been used). However, a sore throat is common.


Colonoscopy lets the physician look inside your entire large intestine (another name for the colon), from the lowest part, the rectum, all the way up through the colon to the lower end of the small intestine, the terminal ileum.

Dr. Crespin also treats a wide variety of conditions, including:

– Screening for Colon Cancer
– Reflux Disease (Heartburn)
– Abdominal Pain Constipation
– Diarrhea
– Irritable Bowel Syndrome
– Swallowing Disorders
– Bloating
– Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease)
– Hepatitis B
– Hepatitis C
– Other Diseases of the Liver
– Celiac Disease

You can feel secure in knowing Westside GI Center’s outpatient procedures utilize the most advanced health care technology available to help meet your needs. We are proud to be your digestive specialist here in the Greater New York Area.

Dr. Jeffrey Crespin, MD

Dr. Crespin has been a practicing gastroenterologist in Manhattan for over ten years. Dr Crespin is a board certified gastroenterologist, who strives to provide the highest quality medical care and services in a compassionate, professional and personalized manner.

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